College of Science, Engineering & Technology
Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science prepares students for careers in the computing industries and advanced study. The curriculum ensures that students are exposed to the most current knowledge, theories, and principles in software development, embedded systems, hardware architectures, and network theory and applications. The curriculum provides for an understanding of the applications of theories and concepts by evolving the students in research and applications development projects. The curriculum is designed to enhance the problem solving and creative thinking capabilities of students so that they have a set of skills that will increase their employment opportunities and provides the foundation for graduate study and research. The educational objectives of the computer science program are as follows:

  • To prepare students to be capable of identifying and analyzing requirements for computing systems
  • To produce graduates who are capable of designing and implementing solutions for rapidly changing computing problems and information system environments
  • To prepare graduates with good communication skills and who are able to effectively work in teams
  • To produce graduates who are capable of gauging the impact of computing on society, and possess knowledge of the ethical, social and professional implications and responsibilities of their work
  • To prepare students to engage in life-long learning, to adapt to innovation and change, and to successfully pursue professional work and graduate studies
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