College of Science, Engineering & Technology
Department of Computer Science

The M.S. in Computer Science has been designed to provide a flexible graduate curriculum for students who matriculate through its associated degree program. The main objectives in offering this degree are as follows:

Provide advanced post-baccalaureate study in computer science for students with strong undergraduate preparation in the academic discipline.

Prepare technically superior computer professionals for the workforce.

Provide working computer professionals with advanced educational experiences that support their ability to perform at an advanced level in their work environments.

Prepare students for additional study toward the Ph.D. in Computer Science.

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An overall summary of the general requirements for the M.S. in Computer Science follows:

  • Satisfactory completion of the Qualifying Examination upon completion of courses designated as “core courses” if the Plan A curriculum of study is selected.
  • Completion of a total of thirty (30) semester credit hours in Computer Science (500 and 600 Level) as described in detail below through Plan A or Plan B with a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or better.
  • Completion and presentation (through an oral defense) of a thesis to a committee composed of members of the Department of Computer Science and representatives of the Graduate School, if the Plan A curriculum of study is selected.
  • Completion of a total of six (6) semester credit hours advanced electives (600 level) if the Plan B curriculum of study is selected.
  • Completion of an application for graduation.
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