Prior to pursuing the CS minor, students must seek advisement and approval from the Department Office. Students must earn grades of “C” or better in all courses specific to the minor in Computer Science.

In order for students to pursue either majors or minors in the Department, they must petition for admission to the Department by completing the appropriate form which is available through the Department Office. The petition must be returned to the Department Office and must be reviewed by the Departmental Curriculum and Admissions Committee. Students must have completed the courses listed below or their equivalents:

  • English 131 Freshman English I
  • Math 136 Pre-Calculus Mathematics
  • CS 120 Introduction to Computers and Problem Solving
  • CS 124 Fundamentals of Machine Computation

Each student applying for major or minor status must have an overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.50 or better and must have earned grades of “C” or better (grades of “C-“are unacceptable) in the above courses. The petition must be returned to the Department Office by the appropriate deadlines given below to be considered by the Departmental Curriculum and Admissions Committee:

October 15 during Fall, March 15 during Spring, June 15 during Summer

The number of students admitted to major and minor status on an ongoing basis is dependent upon the availability of resources on a year-to-year basis, on performance in the four courses targeted above, and on overall GPA’s earned. Preference will be given to students earning the highest overall GPA’s above the required minimum of 2.50. Each student will be notified of the decision of the Departmental Curriculum Admissions Committee with regard to his/her status approximately one month after the above deadlines.

Once students have been admitted to the Department as major or minor status, they are each expected to maintain an overall GPA of 2.25 or better, or they could be dismissed from the Department if more than thirty (30) semester credit hours are still required for graduation. If individual GPA’s fall below 2.25 and students are within thirty (30) semester credit hours of graduation, they must contact the department advisor for a plan of action.

Upon admission to the Department, students are each assigned an official advisor. They are expected to keep the Department Office informed of changes in address and/or telephone numbers up to the time of graduation.

In summary, an interested student must first gain admission to the University; must meet his/her ASSET responsibility; and finally, must apply for admission to the Department once prerequisites and ASSET requirements have been met. Acceptance to major standing is not automatic, but subject to the decision of a Departmental Curriculum and Admissions Committee. Each student is provided with extensive advisement once admitted to the Department before further progression toward the completion of degree requirements is undertaken. Questions may be directed to the Department Office at (713)-313-7991 or to