The requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science are summarized at the end of this section along with the sequence in which major courses must be taken for each track. Students must earn grades of “C” or better in all courses specific to either their major in Computer Science.

Each student must be admitted by the Department as a major, before attempting to meet all of the requirements for the degree. The admissions procedures are under continual review by the Departmental Curriculum and Admissions Committee. Interested students are asked to contact the Department Office during their freshman year in order to gain admission as majors. Students are responsible for completing ASSET requirements and prerequisites administered through the General University Academic Center (GUAC) prior to admission to the department. The Department offices and facilities are housed on the third floor of H. O Spearman Technology Building with the Department Office located in Room 314 and the Department website is

Students transferring to the University are cautioned that Computer Science credits transferred from other colleges and universities must be evaluated by the Department before being used to fulfill requirements for the major in Computer Science. These credits may or may not be acceptable. If these credits are judged to be unacceptable by the Department, students may be able to use them to fulfill elective requirements.

In selecting a minor, as required for completion of the B.S. in Computer Science for the first track, students should seek detailed advisement from their designated advisors because the selection of a minor having representative courses in the core curriculum could impact the total number of credits required. In no case will students qualify for graduation at the undergraduate level with fewer than 124 semester credit hours satisfactorily completed.

For a Computer Science minor, twenty-one (21) semester credit hours are required through following one of the following two tracks:

Track I: enrollment in the following courses: CS 120, CS 124, CS 140, CS 241, CS 243, CS 246 and one additional junior/senior level CS course of choice.

Track II: enrollment in the following courses: CS 120, CS 124, CS 243, CS 250, CS 251, CS 350, and CS 351.