The programs offered by the Department of Computer Science lead to the Bachelor of Science or the Master of Science in Computer Science. Majors in other disciplines at TSU are also welcome to take Computer Science as a minor. These programs are designed primarily to prepare graduates for productive work in highly computer-dependent areas of business, government, and industry. In recent years, majors graduating from the program have attained their first jobs in business applications, computer software development, scientific and applied mathematical programming, and have gone to graduate school. Students majoring in Computer Science should set their goals beyond simple programming and be prepared to:

Program well in design and implementation phases and document work.

Analyze real-world problems in preparation for program design and implementation

Manage activities that are strongly computer dependent.

Advance the fundamental theory of digital information processing.

Improve the tools that programmers and systems analysts use, i.e., to develop better software systems, better languages for communicating with computers, better web-based interfaces and databases, better problem solving methods.