The undergraduate program of the Department of Computer Science is designed with a mission to prepare its students for pursing careers in the highly competitive computer-related job market. To accomplish this mission, the curriculum ensures that students are exposed to the most current-trends in computer software as well as hardware. It involves the study and design of computer systems and applications with particular emphasis on programming techniques, software engineering, computer networks, and distributed systems. The curriculum provides the foundations for a better understanding of theories and concepts by evolving the students in research projects where they apply these theories and concepts. It also utilizes dynamic education methods that improve the students’ creative thinking capabilities in order to produce graduates with set of skills that will increase their employment opportunities and also provide the foundation for pursing post graduate educations.

The following is a listing of the educational objectives of the Computer Science program:

Prepare students for successful and productive careers as specialized CS professionals in industry and government.

Prepare students for the successful pursuit of graduate studies and commitment to life-long learning.

Prepare students to use their education to address the needs of society.

Prepare students to have the knowledge and skills to adapt to a dynamic Multidisciplinary technological environment through teamwork, ethical concerns, and effective communications.